Guests of Honor

Moonshine Holler

Bill Dillof & Paula Bradley

Bill Dillof and Paula Bradley


BILL DILLOF (AKA "Banjo Bill") has been playing and performing old-time music since the early 1960s as a soloist and since 1977 as a member of the illustrious NY-based string band Major Contay and the Canebrake Rattlers.  With the "Rattlers", he has performed at numerous festivals, including the Brandywine Mountain Music Convention, the Philadelphia Folk Festival and the Wheatland Music Festival.  He has also been on staff at the Maryland Banjo Academy, Bluff Country Gathering, and Augusta and Swannanoa old time weeks. Bill’s passion is string band music of the 1920s and 30s, and he is an accomplished banjo, fiddle, guitar, Hawaiian guitar and harmonica player.  He plays both clawhammer and finger-picked banjo styles.  Bill’s CD with harmonica wizard Dave Rice, "Been on the Job Too Long", earned rave reviews.


PAULA BRADLEY has a long history as an old-time performer, having been a member (on guitar and vocals) of the old-time trios The Rhythm Rats, The Haywire Gang and, with music legends Tony Trischka and Bruce Molsky, in Jawbone. She has performed across the country and in Europe at numerous festivals, dances and concerts, including the MN Bluegrass and Old Time Festival, Juneau Folk Festival, and Wheatland Music Festival, as well as instructed at numerous music camps including Swannanoa and Augusta. The two "Rats" recordings, "I Believe I’ll Go Back Home" & "Pretty Crowing Chicken", have been cited as some of the best of "revivalist" old-time music. Known for her driving guitar style, rhythmic clawhammer banjo and banjo ukulele playing, and strong vocals, as well as for her accomplished flatfoot dancing, she recently toured as the banjoist for the celebrated all-girl string band Uncle Earl.  She also plays piano and sings with the NE-based honky tonk band "Girl Howdy".


Bill and Paula currently perform as the old-time duet Moonshine Holler. Vermont fiddler, Jim Burns, join them in the old-time trio Run Mountain, and they are the Dillbillies when playing with Uncle Earl fiddler Stephanie Coleman.

Bill and Paula reside in the Berkshires of western MA.


icon11star Bill

Major Contay and the Canebrake Rattlers, Old Familiar Tunes, Flying Crow 104, 1980

Dillof, Rice and the Cuyahogians, Been on the Job Too Long, Montana Peak 001, 1999


icon11star Paula

The Rhythm Rats, I Believe I’ll Go Back Home,

The Rhythm Rats, Pretty Crowing Chicken, 5 String Productions 5SP-MR-9061, 2006

Kenny Jackson and friends, Over The Mountain, 5SP-04002, 2004

John Hoffman and Mac Benford, It’s About Time, 5 String Productions 5SP07003, 2007

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