Erynn Marshall
Carl Jones

        2015 Guest of Honor


Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones are old-time musicians and inspired tunesmiths. They are married – in life and music. When they play, their instruments and voices blend like two forks of the same  river. Southern song-duets and soaring fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo tunes comprise their diverse concert sets. They play with ease, spontaneity and vitality. While rooted in the traditional sounds of older players, this duo stays true to their own muse. Carl’s honest songs can make your heart ache. Erynn’s spirited fiddling can enthrall. Together Carl & Erynn’s expressive, musical meanderings can transport the soul. Best of all, they bring the listener along with them on their musical journey.

Carl Jones is a respected American songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Originally born in Macon, Georgia, Carl presently lives in Galax, Virginia. He is widely respected for his instrumental talents and original songs about the joys and tribulations of day-to-day life in the South. Carl’s songs have been recorded by The Nashville Bluegrass Band, Kate Campbell, Rickie Simpkins with Tony Rice, and others. In the 1980’s he played mandolin with James Bryan, Norman and Nancy Blake as part of the Rising Fawn String Ensemble. Carl currently has an old time mandolin DVD to his credit and many CD’s as well. The latest recording features a collection of all original songs and tunes titled; Traveling Star. He is widely respected for his fine musicianship on many stringed instruments and is a popular teacher at music camps all over North American and Europe. Carl performs regularly with fiddler, Erynn Marshall and with the Bow Benders. Website:

Erynn Marshall has carved out a niche for herself as an old-time fiddler in North America and abroad. She has played for thirty-five years, performed and taught at many music camps in the US, Canada and England and learned old-time music from visiting 80-95 year-old southern fiddlers and singers. Erynn has authored the book,Music in the Air Somewhere (on West Virginia fiddle and song traditions), filmed an instructional DVD and recorded four CDs: Calico, Meet Me in the Music, Shout Monah (Haints) and Tune Tramp which features 45 traditional musicians from across North America. She has won many awards including a prestigious first place in fiddle at “Clifftop,” (The Appalachian Stringband Festival), in West Virginia and was the first woman and person from outside the US to do so. Erynn lives in Galax, Virginia where she teaches and performs often with husband Carl Jones or the Bowbenders – an old-time stringband featuring Erynn, Carl, Kenny Jackson and Bobb Head. Website:


Erynn Marshall and Carl Jones Discography


Traveling Star: Carl Jones 2013                                                          
A collection of all original songs and tunes.

Tune Tramp: Erynn Marshall & Friends (2013)                       
20 tunes and songs recorded with 45 traditional musicians across North America

Cricket’s Lullaby: James Bryan and Carl Jones (2011)  
 Second collection of old tunes played through the years by old friends,
 master fiddler James Bryan and Carl, along with a couple of old poems set to music by Carl.

Calico: Erynn Marshall (2005)                                                 
Beautiful old tunes from West Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina.
With Chris Coole, Arnie Naiman and others.

Meet Me in the Music: Erynn Marshall & Chris Coole                    
18 old tunes and songs mostly from Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia. 
(CDs out of Stock, digital download only.)

Two Pictures: James Bryan And Carl Jones 1996                     
A collection of old tunes played through the years by old friends,
master fiddler James Bryan and Carl, along with a couple of old poems set to music by Carl.

 Music in the Air Somewhere: the Shifting Borders of West Virginia’s Fiddle and Song Traditions – Erynn Marshall 
West Virginia University Press (2006)                                               
  Includes a CD of archival recordings

    Old-Time MandolinTunes and Tips, with Carl Jones            
Several tunes slowed down for learning plus useful musical "tips"
that make it a good addition to any mandolin enthusuasts library.  Erynn provides guitar back-up.

Learn to Play Southern Old-Time Fiddle, with Erynn Marshall              
Seven of her favorite Southern fiddle tunes (intermediate level),
left hand ornaments, old time style bowing,AEAE tuning, and more.

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