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Art Rosenbaum has been researching, collecting, recording and performing traditional American music for over 40 years. From his fieldwork he has produced and annotated over twenty LPs, CDs, radio and television documentaries as well as several books, which he also illustrated. This highly regarded teacher of old time banjo styles earned his B.A. in art history and a Master of in Fine Arts from Columbia University. While in New York City he was part of the “folk revival,” performing in and organizing traditional music concerts with the Friends of Old Time Music.  His recordings are included on the 1960’s landmark anthology, Folk Banjo Styles on the Electra label.

While a professor of art at the University of Iowa, he was a founding member of the Iowa Friends of Old Time Music and the Fiddler’s Picnic (now in its 34th year).  He also recorded an LP of traditional fiddle and banjo duets with Iowa City fiddler Al Murphy on the Meadowland label.

Rosenbaum went to the University of Georgia, Athens, 1976 as Professor of Art, and, in 2001, he was named the first Wheatley Professor in the Fine Arts. He has continued his research and fieldwork in traditional music in Georgia.

Among his publications are two instruction books on old time banjo styles, the very influential Old Time Mountain Banjo and Art of the Mountain Banjo.


Folk Banjo Styles – Anthology
Electra LP - EKL-217

Art Rosenbaum and Al Murphy
Meadowland LP

Five String Banjo
Kicking Mule Records LP - KM 108

Art of the Mountain Banjo
Kicking Mule Records LP – KM 203

Georgia Banjo Blues
Global Village Music CD – 0000313


Old Time Mountain Banjo
NY: Oak Publications: 1968
Published by Music Sales Corp. (Feb 1997) w/ CD
possibly out of print

Art of the Mountain Banjo
Fullerton, CA: Centerstream: 1981
02-96711BCD - now published by Mel Bay w/ CD

Folk Visions and Voices: Traditional Music and Song in North Georgia
University of Georgia Press, 1983
Text, illustrations, and paintings by Art. Photographs by Margo Newmark Rosenbaum, and foreword by Pete Seeger.

Shout Because You’re Free: The Ring Shout and Its Survival in a Georgia Coastal Community
University Of Georgia Press, 1998
Art and Margo’s second collaboration


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