Past FOTMC Guests of Honor Roll Call

2008 Guest of Honor

Dan Levenson

Detail of Mary Cox's White Shell Laydie
A Deering Custom-Made
Photo by Sandy Mercer

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FOTMC Guest of Honor

2008 Dan Levenson
2007 Alan Jabbour

2006 Bob Carlin

2005 Pete and Ellen Vigour

2004 Mike Williams and Cherrill Heaton

2003 Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz
2002 Tammy Ann Murray
2001 Reed Martin

2000 Jim Connor

1999 J. P. Fraley
1998 Dwight Diller
Dave Bing
1996 Hogie Siebert
1995 Gail Gillespie, Dwight Rogers,and Jim Collier
1994 George Gibson
1993 John Lilly
1992 Art Rosenbaum
1991 Lloyd Baldwin
1990 Allan Block
1989 Mike and Terry Williams
1988 Troy and Lucy Lovelace
1987 L.J.Slavin
1986 Gerry Milnes
1985 Bruce Greene
1984 Ralph Blizard
No Guest of Honor
1982 No Guest of Honor

(I know we've been doing this for over 20 years, but we didn't always keep good records. If you know of any information left off or incorrect, please let us know. We're not proud. Also, we need some photos of guests that we are missing images.)



2008 Guest of Honor
Dan Levenson

2007 Guest of Honor
Alan Jabbour

2006 Guests of Honor
Bob Carlin

2005 Guest of Honor
Pete and Ellen Vigour

2004 Guests of Honor
Mike Williams and Cherrill Heaton

2003 Guests of Honor
Ginny Hawker
Tracy Schwarz

2001 Guest of Honor Reed Martin

2002 Guest of Honor
Tammy Ann Murray

2000 Guest of Honor

Jim Connor

1999 Guest of Honor
J.P. Fraley

The Florida Old Time Music
Championship has been promoting and fostering the performance and appreciation for traditional old time music for over 20 years.

We have had the good fortune of bringing various master musicians to the FOTMC as guests of honor and judges in the contests

1998 Guest of Honor
Dwight Diller

1996 Hogie Siebert

1994 Guest of Honor
George Gibson

1991 Guest of Honor
Lloyd Baldwin

1990 Guest of Honor
Allan Block

1987Guest of Honor

1986 Guest of Honor
Gerry Milnes

1985 Guest of Honor
Bruce Greene

1984 Guest of Honor
Ralph Blizard