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Dave Bing

Dave Bing

Dave Bing who hails from Harmony, West Virginia, in Roane County, has played fiddle and banjo for over 30 years.  He is a founding member, along with brothers Mike and Tim of the Bing Brothers, an old time string band that reached near legendary status in West Virginia.  He is also a founding member of Gandydancer, along with a previous FOTMC Guest of Honor, Gerry Milnes.  Three other West Virginia old time musicians of high renown and repute, Ron Mullenex, Mark Payne, and Jim Martin round out the Gandydancer roster.

Dave has won many fiddle contests in and around West Virginia and is a highly respected teacher as well.  He has taught at Allegheny Echoes, Augusta Heritage Workshops and many other places, both here and abroad. His playing and teaching draws on West Virginia fiddle styles with a focus on applying bowing patterns for different dynamics.  An influential figure in the state’s traditional music community, Dave has spent years tracking down the music of older musicians from central West Virginia.

In addition to recording on his own and with the Bing Brothers and Gandydancer groups, he has toured England with another past FOTMC Guest of Honor, Dwight Diller, which resulted in the CD, In England.  




Selected Discography:

Dave Bing
A compilation of two of his cassettes including “Fiddlin’ Solo”

The Bing Brothers
Just For The Sake Of It
1993 “live” studio recording also features Danny Arthur and Greg Gibson


Cross Ties

Dave Bing & Dwight Diller
In England


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